Thursday, October 12, 2017

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    Welcome to UCLA's Mobile Experience Conference!   We'll explore emerging fields at the center of the experience age - where mobile and immersive technologies are shaping how the information around us can create unique and memorable experiences.

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    How are smartphones and personal assistants are impacting how we make decisions, how information and experiences are marketed to us, and how we design our work, learning, and lives? More than 80% of American adults have smartphones, and many look at them first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

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    How can we extend reality with digital information?  Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and holograms are mixing the real world and digital worlds to create new, immersive environments that let us experience information in new and creative ways.

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    Virtual Reality (VR) is bringing immersive experiences to new levels, transporting users into scenarios and simulations in hyper-realistic ways.  As the most mature immersive technology, use of VR is rapidly expanding.  This panel will explore how VR can create immersive experiences in academic and research environments. 

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    Sandwiches and salad will be provided for lunch.  Don't miss UCLA's Code for the Mission 2017 Finalists!  App competition finalists will present their projects at a poster session during lunch.  The winner will be announced at the end of the conference before the reception. 

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    There is a lot of talk about big data, but at the other end of the spectrum is an equally exciting new frontier: little data.  Little data is collected from a wide variety of devices, sensors, and wearables that can provide highly personalized information in context.

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    Personalizing experiences is central to the experience age.  Whether your engaging with a specific community, adapting to a user's preferences, or using geospatial tagging, personalization means creating the right experience for a specific user at the right time and place.

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    UCSD has been working on a high-speed, in-memory analytic solution that simplifies student success analytics and reporting.

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    UCLA's 4th Annual Code for the Mission App Competition Award Winners will be announced and their apps will be featured.  Awards will be given for each of the three tracks in the contest: Education, Research, and Service tracks.

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    Join us for a reception in the CNSI lobby following announcement of the UCLA Code for the Mission Finalists awards.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

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    UCLA Math Sciences Bdlg, room 5628

    This session will explore ARKit, a new framework in iOS 11 that allows developers to easily create augmented reality (AR) experiences for iPhone and iPad. AR describes user experiences that add 2D or 3D elements to the live view from a device's camera in a way that makes those elements appear to inhabit the real world.